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[S5E2] Anything Goes

For a bit, I thought Carlton would invite Gary to replace Maggie temporarily, and that would be the conflict that would drive Gary and Maggie's relationship as she finishes out her pregnancy and goes on maternity leave.

[S5E2] Anything Goes

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The hour was heavy on the cases more than anything else after a slight time jump which saw Nolan on his first day as a training officer to Thorsen, Bradford, and Lopez working together, and Harper's blissful labor and delivery being anything but that.

Despite James repeatedly asking her to stop looking into it, she calls Grey to look into it. As Nyla is fully dilated, the alarm system alerts James that a window is open. He tells her to stay as he looks into it. Downstairs, he gets into a fight with the intruder as a second person, the neighbor, goes after Nyla. She hides in her birthing pool until she can get an advantage on him. As Grey pulls up outside of the house, shots ring through the upstairs. He calls from backup as he rushes in to help, finding James on the floor fighting off the other guy. After Grey saves James and starts arresting the guy, James runs upstairs to help Nyla only to find the neighbor sitting on the floor, putting pressure on a gunshot wound to his side, and Nyla sitting on the bed, holding their daughter. Grey gets the scene taken care of and cleared while the couple happily lays in bed with their daughter.

They eventually get a breakthrough when they notice Romero goes into the showers for the second time that day. Jake finds this pretty odd as no one likes prison showers and it is the most stressful thing about prison.

Definitely not good for Jake as once the Warden starts rounding up all the drugs Romero goes after Jake. In a shocking twist, however, Caleb saves the day by taking the knife to the stomach and saving Jake, for now anyway.

But in order to do so, a distraction is required. Rosa then steps in and calls Hawkins to prison to talk, while this goes on Captain Holt distracts a security guard with his entertaining tale of his female lover all while Amy and Boyle break into Hawkins car, steals her phone, and installs a mirror app to spy on her.

As Bree drops off clothes at a donation bin for some Spring cleaning, she runs into Luke. The moment is awkward as Luke is clearly there to pick up clothing from the bin. Bree reminds Luke of her huge crush on him back in high school. He tells her about his job offer and wonders if he should take it. He quotes Robert Frost, impressing Bree. After Bree leaves, he goes through the donation bin and grabs some clothes.

The team is watching the MMA match. They know the tennis player had a heart problem, and the music teacher had a problem with his lungs. The crane operator's liver failed and the other living donee, Frank, has pancreatic failure. Suddenly, the coffee repair guy chimes in. Kutner realizes that the coffee repair guy is not a coffee repair guy because he's wearing argyle socks with construction boots. House tells them he's a private investigator he hired. The private eye starts telling them about the dead people because House had him check them out. He hands House a bill for $2,300. It was the private eye who obtained most of the MMA footage. It shows the boxer may have had a temporal lobe seizure. House wants to do a brain biopsy on Apple, but they decide to do it on Frank instead. However, Taub can't get consent from the wife for the test. The healthy patient tries to lie to get her to consent, but all of a sudden Frank gets worse. He goes into cardiac arrest. Taub tries a tracheotomy and defibrillation, but can't save him. House tells Taub to make sure he saves the dead patient's brain.

They autopsy the newly deceased brain, but can't find anything. House thinks it must be cancer because metabolic diseases only attack a specific organ. Foreman thinks House merely wants a reason to consult Wilson on the problem. Kutner thinks a perforated intestine could explain the problems. House agrees its possible, but not probable. However, the living patient's colonoscopy was clean. House wants to do a colonoscopy on the donor's child. They get the mother's consent.

House thinks it is a disease that acts just like cancer, just isn't. The tuba player was taking a drug that was for arthritis, but also attacks cancer cells. He died anyway. House realizes he's missing something. He goes to visit Wilson for a consult because he needs Wilson's ideas. Wilson tries to send him away, but House won't go. House admits he hired a private eye to spy on him. Wilson says he wants to move on and shuts the door.

Apple is taken to the hospital where they determine four of the victims are dead and one more, an elderly man named Frank, is on the verge of death. The team is unable to determine a common denominator and House is more concerned about Wilson's absence. Finally House goes with a diagnosis of cancer and orders them to run more tests. He then approaches Dr. O'Shea as a possible Wilson-replacement. Foreman arrives to inform House that Apple's eye is failing and they have to remove it. She had taken an eye test and had gotten it wildly wrong, but did not squint. House then states that her eye thinks it is fine, but that eyes do not think, but only brains. He then states that it is too late to remove her eye, and instead has to remove her head, as he brandishes a giant meat cleaver. As he swings the meat cleaver towards her, Apple starts screaming.

Apple's heart starts racing but there's no indication her colon is leaking. The team has nothing new and House orders chemo for the cancer he suspects she has. He goes to her room and signals an emergency when he cannot find the medical records on Apple's bed. He then asks Apple to sign a consent form to receive chemotherapy. As she signs, Apple talks about how she was an architect but gave it up after her corneal transplant. Apple notes that House does not seem much different, and he notes that at least he has not given up.

Lucas tells House that Wilson has a new job. He points a woman out that he's following because he likes her, then informs House that Wilson is attending grief counseling and Cameron and Cuddy have been at his house several times. Lucas starts following the girl and House has to trail along. The girl finally confronts them and says they're making her uncomfortable. After she leaves, Lucas notes that Wilson has not said anything about House. House gets a page and heads to the hospital where Apple is vomiting from the chemo but her system is stabilizing. Foreman is surprised House was right, but House concludes that it is not cancer.

Back in differential, House notes he never thought it was cancer but thought it acted like cancer. Now he wants to find something that is similar to cancer, and notes the last patient was using methotrexate for his arthritis, which allegedly would also have treated any cancer. He goes to Wilson and asks for an epiphany, wanting to bounce ideas off of him. Wilson tries to shut him out and House asks how he's doing. Wilson begs him not to do this so he can move on, and House accuses him of talking to the others. House admits he hired a private detective to watch Wilson because they're not friends anymore, then tries to convince Wilson to help with a diagnosis. Wilson refuses to participate and warns he will not answer the door the next time House knocks.

Lucas is outside and tries to advise House on friendship, and inadvertently gives House a new way to think about a possible diagnosis. House goes to see Cuddy and shows her Apple's CAT scan. It indicates something is in there that her brain is not compensating for. House believes that the donor had cancer stem cells spread in his organs, and when transplanted these spread and attached themselves to the recipients' various organs, which eventually stopped working. He wants to open up Apple's skull before it's too late for her, and Cuddy wonders if House is going to do something to make Apple crash prematurely. She puts security guards on Apple's room, so House convinces Lucas to disguise himself as a nurse and replace Apple's IV meds with a saline solution. She crashes and is taken into surgery where they have to open up her skull. House suggests from the observation deck that they check her IV. Chase suddenly realizes that House had somehow had the IV switched, triggering the operation by deception. Chase wants to abort the operation, but House observes that they've already completed the most dangerous procedure, so they might as well continue. Lucas comes into the observation gallery and is alarmed that the patient whose IV he had switched is undergoing such a serious operation. House explains that he is a better liar than Lucas. Meanwhile, the doctors finish the operation, using a neural net on Apple's brain to detect and remove defective brain cells.

Later, House goes to visit Apple and explains that the world is ugly but not as ugly as she thought. Her brain was not working properly and the transplanted brain cells were making things dull and unattractive to her. He takes off the bandages over her eyes and Apple sees the world with normal vision. House asks "How do I look?", and she responds "You look sad."

As nightfall approaches, Picard is still stuck on the planet's surface. He tries to make a fire but cannot. Dathon then does something akin to prayer and goes to sleep, taking one of his knives out for protection. However, he cannot sleep knowing that Picard will go through the night cold. Dathon takes a branch from his fire and throws it to Picard. He says "Temba, his arms wide." While Picard does not understand what or who Temba is, he understands that Dathon is trying to help him, and thanks him for the fire.

Ultimately, both the flashback and Ryan and Colby's wolf-killing mistake are reminders that the Duttons will do anything to protect their land. While the two scenes seem very different at first glance, they're actually similar in various ways. In both instances, the crew of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch exterminates threats to the ranch and the land - through highly illegal and dangerous methods. Though it wasn't John who killed the GPS-tagged wolves, their deaths are on his hands because Ryan and Colby were acting through John and Rip's mandate. 041b061a72


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