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Janko Matko: A Popular Croatian Writer and His Books in PDF Format

Janko Matko: A Popular Croatian Writer and His Books in PDF Format

Janko Matko is a Croatian writer who has published more than 200 books, mostly novels and short stories. He is known for his realistic and humorous depiction of rural life in Croatia, especially in the region of Karlovac. His books often deal with themes such as love, family, religion, patriotism, and social justice.

Janko Matko Knjige Pdf Download

Many of his books have been adapted into movies, TV shows, and theater plays. Some of his most famous works include Pokajnik (The Penitent), PlaÄ Åume (The Cry of the Forest), Mirjam, Zagorka, and Kemija 7 (Chemistry 7).

If you are interested in reading Janko Matko's books, you can find some of them in PDF format online. Here are some sources where you can download them for free:

  • Matko Janko - Pokajnik: This is a PDF document of the book Pokajnik, which tells the story of a young man who returns from the army and falls in love with a girl from a different social class.

  • JANKO MATKO KNJIGE PDF - This is a website that offers PDF files of several Janko Matko's books, such as Mirjam, Zagorka, Kemija 7, and others. You can download them by clicking on the links.

  • Janko matko pdf download â ECIA: This is a forum where you can find links to download some of Janko Matko's books in PDF format, such as PlaÄ Åume, Beganiyan nu vekh ke hun Fateh nahiyo dolda, and others.

  • Janko Matko Knjige Pdf Download - This is a presentation that provides a brief introduction to Janko Matko and his books, as well as links to download some of them in PDF format.

We hope you enjoy reading Janko Matko's books and learning more about Croatian culture and history. Happy reading!

Janko Matko was born in BrleniÄ, near KraÅiÄ, in 1898. He attended the Franciscan gymnasium in Vukovar, but he had to interrupt his studies due to World War I. He fought in the Austro-Hungarian army and was captured by the Italians. He spent two years in a prisoner-of-war camp, where he learned Italian and started writing poetry.

After the war, he returned to Croatia and worked as a teacher, journalist, editor, and librarian. He also joined the Peasant Party and was active in politics. He was arrested several times by the authorities for his opposition to the royal dictatorship and later to the fascist regime. He was also persecuted by the communists after World War II for his religious views and his support of the Croatian Spring movement.

Janko Matko wrote more than 200 books, mostly novels and short stories, but also poetry, essays, memoirs, and children's literature. He was inspired by his rural upbringing and his Christian faith. He portrayed the life of Croatian peasants with realism, humor, and compassion. He also criticized the social injustices and the political oppression that they faced. He was one of the most popular and prolific Croatian writers of the 20th century. e0e6b7cb5c


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