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Sticky Notes: Easy Note Taking 1.9

  • There are a lot of sticky-note gadgets and apps for Windows-based systems today, but few of them are as easy and as free as 7 Sticky Notes. This program includes a lot of advanced features and handy customizations.The program starts off by offering you the ability to run this as a portable application or to install it with Windows. If you're likely to use this a lot, then a full installation is preferable.The main usage of this app is to provide you with quick notes, styled after 3M's wildly successful "Post It" system. You put temporary notes on your desktop to remind you of upcoming events. With 7 Sticky Notes, you can do even more such as include documents, images, PDF files and more. You are also able to customize the color of the notes from standard yellow to blue, red, white and green.Another useful feature of 7 Sticky Notes is its URL embedding. That means you can include a click-able web URL in your notes and access information even quickly than the old "analog" style of post-its.In the end, 7 Sticky Notes is a free and excellent alternative to cluttering up your desk with old-fashioned paper notes.Features of 7 Sticky NotesAlarm: Set up alarms to remind you of important tasks.

  • Backup/restore: Keep your notes safe and secure.

  • Cloud sync: Sync notes across multiple computers.

  • Drag and drop support: Move your notes with ease.

  • Multi-monitor support: Display notes on different monitors.

  • Multiple note windows: Open multiple notes at once.

  • Note customization: Color, size, font, opacity.

  • Notes organization: Group notes into categories.

  • Password protection: Keep your notes secure.

  • Portable: Take your notes on the go.

  • Quick notes: Create notes quickly with hotkey support.

  • Search: Quickly search through your notes.

  • Skinning: Customize the look and feel of your notes.

  • Taskbar icon: Access notes from the taskbar.

Compatibility and License7 Sticky Notes is provided under a freeware license on Windows from Windows widgets with no restrictions on usage. Download and installation of this PC software is free and 1.9 is the latest version last time we checked.

Sticky Notes: Easy Note Taking 1.9

Download Zip:

7 Sticky Notes in Microsoft Word is a brand new form of task or diary list, which keeps you organized and sticks to your written notes. It comes with a special toolbar, which allows you to take notes on any document or view in the Microsoft Word application. You can also use it as a generic or "log" tool for keeping notes on your computer, or for other purposes, the choice is yours. With this new version of Microsoft Word there are many new and different features, which are easy to use. Here is a quick list of the best 7 Sticky Notes features in Word:

You can export all of your sticky notes to the Notes app by selecting File > Export All to Notes. Open the Notes app and you should see your sticky notes under a new folder called Imported Notes.

Each step of the exercise contains a preset number of sticky notes already added to the workspace. Which is meant to simulate participants walking into a room, picking up a stack of post-its and diving into some serious workshopping. Your number of sticky notes may vary based on the number of participants and how much information needs to be captured.

By including some easy preorganized areas, this setup is also facilitator friendly. Couple good examples being the "reframe problems as challenges" (How Might We) and the "Decide what to execute on" steps. Simply copy over your top voted challenges or solutions and fill out the corresponding sticky notes. Also, refer to the note area for workshop notes and a detailed outline of the process.

The Sneaker series showcases the flexibility the Weeks Mega provides by staying portable and allowing you to pull it out anytime to write as much as you want. The paperback book makes it easy to grasp, the pages are easy to turn, and the book is well-designed for storing in your pocket for easy access whenever you find yourself wanting to jot down a note.

Encourage students to read a book, watch a video, or listen to a lesson without taking notes.Then close the book, video, or pause during a lesson so students can write down what they remember.Finally open the book, watch a video, and continue with the lesson

Microsoft Sticky Notes is famous for its convenience. Like real sticky notes you use in life, it allows you to type down your instant thoughts. Recently, Microsoft added some utilities such as text formatting, picture adding, etc.

6. Take 5-10 minutes to review the sticky notes. Lead a clarification discussion. Ask participants to explain any potentially confusing sticky notes. Note any customer behaviors mapped multiple times. 041b061a72


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