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Where Can I Buy Chuck Taylors

Buyers can use a sizing mat at Hoosier Sporting Goods to determine what size shoe they need, or they are encouraged to try on Chucks at stores that sell them to find the right size before ordering. They also can order Chucks through, a city-created website that tells the history of Taylor, explains the custom design and provides a link for ordering. The website also says these shoes run about a half size larger than other athletic footwear, so someone who normally buys size 10.5 for other brands could comfortably wear a size 10 in Chucks.

where can i buy chuck taylors

Chuck Taylors have continued to prove their iconic status through their influence on film, art, and music. Making appearances everywhere from Rocky to Grease, Converse are culturally associated with authenticity, along with rebels and outcasts.

Chuck Taylor has had a long history, but it is apparent that the shoe is not going anywhere as its popularity continues to flourish today. This androgynous shoe can be a fashion statement, sporty comfort, or casual essential. The versatility of this shoe plays a substantial role in making it a timeless, American icon.

As far as high-end name brands go, Converse is relatively affordable. A pair of Air Jordans at retail can cost anywhere from $175 to $200. Kanye West'sYeezy Boost sneakers by Adidas are on sale for a whopping $3,000 at the exclusive sneaker market,"Flight Club." Not only are these models insanely expensive, but both are only shipped to stores in limited amounts, causing people to line up across the country (literally and figuratively) in order to get a pair. Despite inflation in the footwear market, Chuck Taylors have remained moderately priced (they can range from $30 to $60, depending on size and where you purchase them). Limited edition Chucks may cost a little more but aren't as overpriced. Unlike the previous two pairs of sneakers, Chuck Taylors aren't under-shipped. It's extremely rare that you won't be able to find a pair of black, red, white or blue All-Stars at any time. You can be stylish without breaking the bank or waiting in line at 7AM on a Saturday for the shoe store to open.

What have we learned? Chuck Taylors are awesome. They are innovative, they are imitated, and at times can be painful. They go with everything and have gone everywhere. We've taken a look at both sides of the sneaker. If you're avid wearer, maybe reading this reaffirmed your love for them, or perhaps encouraged you to switch them out to prevent future foot damage. If you weren't a fan before, now you're considering getting a pair for yourself, or maybe it inspired you to go listen to "Blitzkreig Bop" while taking a stroll down on Bowery. Whatever your final thoughts are, I hope you're that much more in the know about an All Star American Classic.

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Click here to buy the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes at (affiliate link takes you to These shoes have a narrow design, but are also available in wide sizing. This is where you can view the wide sizing for Converse Chucks available at (affiliate link takes you to

Weightlifting shoes and powerlifting shoes can get very expensive, which is why Converse shoes are such a breath of fresh air. You can get them from pretty much anywhere, with prices around 50 to 60 dollars.

A lot of shoes will give you more lift from the ground as they have thick rubber soles, whereas Converse has very thin soles which still give your feet the support that they need. This tiny difference can make a lot of difference and why you should consider Converse shoes for lifting weights.

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